Port Douglas Daintree Rainforest Australia

Daintree Rainforest

Port Douglas is an excellent doorstep into the two natural wonders of the world in Australia; the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef. The expanse of the blue ocean and the lush green mountains are an excellent backdrop for a camping experience in this tropical town.

In spite of what port Douglas naturally offers, it takes preparation to have fantastic camping in this coastal getaway. Here is a quick guide to get you started.

Packing checklist

Start your preparation by packing right. The essential stuff to bring with you are:

  1. A tarp: You will be in the vicinity, if not inside, the world’s oldest natural rainforest. Therefore, a lightweight tarpaulin shelter is a must-have for refuge from the constant rains.
  2. Air compressor: If you are coming with a recreational vehicle or a camping van, then this is a necessity. If you hire one, ensure you have an operational compressor and other tools just in case you need them.
  3. Mosquito repellent: Daintree mosquitoes can make stargazing unbearable. Have a spray or cream with you. You also need to carry an insect repellent.
  4. Water filter: First, carry lots of water. However, since you might not have the capacity to bring enough for your entire camping, have a water filter or purification tabs.
  5. Essential clothing: They include rain gear, swimsuit, sun hat, camp shoes, and hiking shoes, and a towel.
  6. Other essentials: They include operational camper trailer kitchens, utensils, firewood, stove, fuel, food, axe or hatchet, and chairs. Remember to carry a lighter or matches.

You can bring the items with you or purchase and hire them at Port Douglas.

Port Douglas camping tips

  • Choose your campsites correctly: You can camp at the beach or inside the Daintree Forest. If you have a camping van, then find a campground that is easily accessible by road. If you need power for your camping, then you can opt for a caravan park near the town.
  • Coral reef exploration times: In case you plan to explore the Great Barrier Reef, remember that you can only do this for half part of the day. Check the local schedules for the correct timing.
  • Beware of these two animals: The estuarine crocodile is one of the dangerous animals to watch out for if you plan to have a campsite or walk along the streams or rivers in the rainforest. The Cassowary, a large bird, up to 1.75 metres high, with a dagger-sharp claw on each foot, is worth avoiding. Though shy, it attacks if threatened. Quietly back away if you see one, do not run.


Places to visit in Port Douglas

Port Douglas Great Barrier Reef Australia

Great Barrier Reef

Below are places to visit and things to do in Port Douglas:

  1. 1. Ocean life: The Great Barrier Reef has rare plants, marine, and coral ecosystems. Guided snorkelling and semi-submersible tours are excellent for discovering the underwater life. If swimming among coral reefs is not your favourite camping pastime idea, then you can take an air tour of the Great Barrier Reef.

    Experience the aboriginal culture with night events, as well as indigenous foods at the restaurants.
  2. The Mossman Gorge: It is known for its peaceful swimming holes, clean rivers, and medicinal flora.
  3. Night walks: It allows you to see nocturnal forest animals such as the Rufous owl, bandicoots, and the spotted cuscus.
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